Kim took her first ever yoga class as a stressed out college student, and left the studio wanting to skip through the streets of Boston. Since then, she has discovered what she loves about yoga - the ability to get into the body and out of the mind. Kim comes back to her mat because of the many mental and physical benefits yoga offers her.

She became a yoga teacher in order to inspire people to find their inner yogi, whether they are practicing asana in the studio or practicing pranayama during rush hour traffic. On and off the mat, she relishes seeing people progress at their own pace as they continue to practice. She absolutely loves that yoga offers her students the ability to meet their bodies wherever they happen to be that day.

Kim completed her 200-hour teacher training at Health Yoga Life in Boston, MA. Both her teachers and students constantly inspire her. She is continually learning more about the practice of yoga, and is eternally grateful that people choose to share their practice with her.