Sickness Tips

Or some reminders on how to help your body heal itself naturally

We all have those days, especially as the weather changes, where we might not feel our best. Sometimes we all need a reminder to listen to our bodies and slow the heck down. When you might be feeling a little under the weather, here are some tips to help you feel better sooner:

1. Drink Water. All day, every day.
It almost doesn’t even matter why you aren’t feeling well, there’s a good chance that properly hydrating yourself will help. Most people are chronically dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Maybe get a little extra electrolyte boost from some coconut water. Flush all that sickness out of your body! Keep those fluids coming, and you’ll feel better faster.

2. Take a nap – or get full night’s sleep.
If you can, take a few minutes to snooze when you get home from work. Better yet, take a day off (if you can) to get some extra rest. It’s amazing how one full night of restful sleep can make you feel better. For more tips on sleeping, click here. If you still have a lot on your plate and can’t delegate or ask for help, remember to take at least a short break to relax. Maybe you make a cup of tea and settle in for a few moments of reading with a cozy blanket like I did.

3. What you’re eating matters.
Your body needs nutrients to strengthen its immune system. If you have no appetite and can’t really stomach anything, then just focus on getting some kind of food, like crackers, toast, or cereal, into your body. If you do have an appetite, then use that to your advantage to fill up on hearty and healthy foods, like hydrating soups, fresh or cooked vegetables, or fruit or vegetable juice.

4. Try a humidifier.
It keeps the winter dryness at bay and creates an atmosphere that is easier to breathe in. Some even have spots where you can add in essential oils, which will make your home smell great. If you’re looking for some healing oils, try tea tree, eucalyptus, or thieves oil. They may give you an added boost!

5. Think about your movement.
In some cases, getting the blood flowing might be exactly what you need. In others, it may leave you feeling exhausted or more ill than when you started. Listen to your body and don’t overdo it. Have a slight case of the sniffles? Exercising is probably fine. If you have the flu? Stay home and rest.

6. Seek help.
If you still feel unwell, remember there’s nothing wrong with seeing a doctor. As much as we try and heal ourselves without medication, sometimes it’s exactly what you need to get back to your healthy, energy-filled self. Pro Tip: If everyone around you asks you if you’ve seen a doctor yet, then you probably should have already and what are you waiting for?!

Be well, everyone.