Yogi Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Looking for some last-minute things to get the yogi in your life? Look no further! All of these things (except the last option) can be purchased online for some last minute shopping. I left out yoga clothing, because every individual has different likes, wants, and needs in their athletic gear. If you’re going that route you can find athleisure gear in many stores nowadays since it’s so popular. Here are some ideas at all price points that anyone will love! I have only added things to this list that I use and have used repeatedly in my practice - they are tried and true!

 so excited about the "yogi santa" ornament...tree pose for the tree!

so excited about the "yogi santa" ornament...tree pose for the tree!


Manduka PROlite ($80):

I love love love my Manduka PROlite. I received it as a gift from my mom (I know you're reading this, so thanks again mom!) and it was my first “real” mat beyond the $10 one I got at target the first time I bought a mat. That one disintegrated after less than a year. This one is still going strong after 2 years of consistent practice and teaching. It is grippy, eco-friendly, and cleans up very well with homemade or storebought mat cleaner. It’s padded enough to be comfortable, but thin enough that I can feel the floor underneath for balancing. If there’s a heated practice then it can be slippery without a towel, but I prefer to use a towel anyway for comfort reasons. In non-heated practices, once the mat is broken in it’s not slippery at all. I’ve had mine for two years and put it through plenty of practice, and it still looks near new. It is expensive and more of an "investment," but Manduka has a lifetime warranty and will replace it if it is somehow ruined from wear. I’m sure there are plenty of other wonderful mats out there from other companies too. If your yogi travels a lot, they make travel mats that are very light, thin, and flexible (specifically designed to be packed into a bag).

YogiToes Towel: ($64)

If your yogi practices hot yoga, they will love this towel, guaranteed. The sweatier you are, the grippier it is. The back of it has grips to ensure it stays in place. Sometimes before class starts you’ll find me spraying the hand and foot spots for downward dog so I won’t slide at all. These towels are well designed, and hold up well over time. They are easy to care for, as they can be machine washed and dried so they don’t require any special care to last. I’m partial to this beautiful print, but they have solid colors too.

Water Bottle: (under $20)

There are so many great kinds of stainless steel water bottles out there. I love Klean Kanteen because they hava a bunch of different sizes, with different kinds of tops, which can be helpful. I like the sport top when I’m practicing in the studio so I can grab it mid-class for a quick drink, but the airtight screw on cap is much better for traveling so it doesn;t spill when thrown into a bag. This way you don’t need two different water bottles, just two different caps! It saves lots of space.

Studio or Gym Membership/Class Pack:

This one is self explanatory: if you know where your yogi practices, chances are they have some sort of gift card set up. Whether it’s a gift card they can use for a gym membership or you buy a class pack in their name at their favorite studio, they are sure to appreciate the thought you put into their gift!