New Year, New Goals: Goal and Intention Setting

With the new year coming up (yay 2017!), lots of people make a resolution or two. Keeping them? Doesn’t always happen. In the spirit of reflection and change, below I’m sharing the guide that I use to reflect and think about my ideal goals for the coming years ahead. I like to think about 1 year from now and 5 years from now, to give me a chance to also think about longer term goals and plans that I might like to work towards. You can see the categories I use below, and adapt to what makes sense for you. Keep in mind, the more specific and simple the goal is, the more likely it will be achieved. However, this is a great place to write down those big dreams as well. Two years ago, I put pen to paper and noted that I wanted to do a yoga teacher training. I had no idea what was involved, I just simply thought it could be fun and a great learning opportunity. Little did I know how much my life would change since I took that leap! Sometimes the physical act of writing the words out and seeing them visually in front of you can be a good reminder to focus on what’s important. Make sure to save the page and refer to it around June/July and again next year in December! It’s always nice to see what you’ve accomplished and how your priorities may have changed throughout the year.


  • Health & Wellness: maybe you want to start running, do a few youtube yoga videos every week, etc, or continue your current workout habits if they are working for you
  • Intellectual/Creativity: want to learn a new language? Become an expert at something? Paint more? How can you grow your knowledge and explore your creative side?
  • Habit Shift - Personal Growth: This is a place where I select one small daily habit that I’d like to change. Again, it can be something big or small.
  • Contribution: How do you choose to contribute to those around you in this year and the coming years? Financially or with your time, contributing to others is a great way to grow your community.
  • Relationships: This extends past love relationships to all personal relationships. Are the people in your life adding value to your life? Or only causing stress? How can you add value to the lives of those you love?
  • Finance: Take a look at your budget, earnings, expenses, and savings. Maybe this year you start contributing to retirement or up your contributions. Maybe you set aside as little as $1 a week to put towards a goal. If you have any money goals, put them here.
  • Career: Assess where you are and where you’d like to be.
  • Fun/lifestyle goals: Write down ways which you can have fun and live the life of your dreams. What steps do you need to take to get there?
  • Big Dream: This is where it goes...That big, scary, thing you’ve always wanted but it seems difficult and too challenging to even try. Write it down. Get it out. We all have to start somewhere!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy new year!