Five Simple Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Peaceful

We’ve all been there: someone stealing the perfect parking space, a tough moment at work, or a disagreement with a friend. When stress happens in the outside world, it can make a big difference in your mood to come home to a sanctuary. So much time is spent in our homes that even making the smallest of changes can make a noticeable difference. Keep reading for a few quick and easy ideas for how to give yourself a bit of tranquility in your everyday space.

1. Tidy something up.
It doesn’t matter how big or small the area to be cleaned or organized is. It can be something as large as entire room, or something as small as a drawer. Maybe your nightstand needs to be decluttered and wiped down. If it’s an area that you see or use everyday, like your bathroom counter, it may have a bigger impact than a rarely used junk drawer. However, don’t be afraid to start small – that can be how the biggest changes begin. When our space is clean, feelings of peace come more naturally. Whatever you organize doesn’t need to end up being completely blank/empty/minimalist if that’s not your style, but let’s be honest, unless you’re a superhuman you could probably stand to do some extra dusting every now and then. You can even use a store-bought or homemade cleaner that has a nice relaxing smell like lavender, if you like.

2. Change up the energy inside your space.
There are a variety or sources of inspiration for room styling: books on Feng Shui principles, something cool you saw on a TV makeover show, or zillions of ideas on Pinterest. Moving your furniture around, whether it’s a just side table or your entire bedroom, can help bring a new perspective to your space. You can also try opening up all the windows and blinds to let the fresh air and light into your home. There’s nothing like a relaxing summer breeze to help you chill out. You can even burn some incense once you’re done to get out the old energy and bring in some positive vibes. Bonus points if you invite a friend over to laugh and help with any heavy lifting!

3. Create a ritual.
Ideally, your choice will be one that can be done quickly and inexpensively. That way you have no excuse not to try it everyday! Perhaps you start burning a candle everyday when you get home from work. Your ritual can be whatever helps you relax: meditating for 10 minutes, drawing or journaling, or going for a walk on your lunch break. Make some of your favorite coffee or tea in the mug that makes you smile whenever you see it. These things don’t require any special equipment. If you do want to treat yourself and spend a few dollars, you can buy a coloring book and some nice colored pencils or a nice candle to burn everyday. Once you get in the habit of practicing your ritual, looking forward to it will give you peace as soon as you walk through your door.

4. Decorate with things that make you happy.
What you see around you can have a big impact on your mood – what if you only saw things you loved? Change up your space by decorating with joyful artifacts from your life. Add in a new plant or bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. Make some DIY art with a cheap canvas from the craft store, hang up some pictures with friends and family (or your super adorable pup), or use some ticket stubs from an awesome event that you want to remember forever. A personal favorite is adding inspirational quotes to not only my walls, but also my computer and phone desktop wallpaper since I see them so much throughout the day!

5. Create a playlist with soothing music.
Make a playlist to help you relax and wind down. Making a speaker easily accessible is helpful here, too. Again, the common theme here is pick what makes you happy. Maybe it’s instrumental music or maybe it’s rock and roll. What helps you relax might not be the same as the next person, so find what works for you. Spotify is great place to find playlists that others have curated if you’re not sure what you like. It doesn’t need to be hours long – even if you just choose 2 or 3 songs that you choose to listen to and focus specifically on relaxing during those songs, you’ll notice a big difference!