Create a Home Altar

Maybe you’d like a dedicated space to practice yoga, meditate, or journal. There are lots of reasons you may want a home altar, so let’s make it easy to create one. The possibilities and options are endless here.

But first, what is an altar? For the purpose of this post, an altar is a sacred space created in your home where you can make an offering or set an intention. It serves to remind you what is most important in your life and practice, and creates a set space to calm the mind and work towards those important things.

There is no right or wrong way to create, and it need not be expensive. You can go out and purchase something special to use as a starting point, or use what you have around your home.

First, decide where you’d like to create your altar. Will it be on top of a dresser, in a corner on the floor, or on a special table? It can literally be anywhere in your home that you often practice, feel a special connection to, or someplace you see every day.

To get started, walk around your home and gather objects that you’d like to include. It can be anything that makes you feel happy or peaceful.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Crystals
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Words of inspiration
  • Handwritten notes from loved ones
  • Art you love
  • Figurines
  • A picture of a guru that has influenced you
  • Pictures of loved ones
  • Mala beads
  • Plants or flowers
  • Inspirational books

You do not need one of everything on the list, but pick and choose what stands out to you, and what you think will fit the space you have. It might be as simple as one candle on your nightstand, or your collection might take up a full table’s worth of space.

What I chose for my altar: Lakshmi, crystals, candles, my mala, and a plant. I set up mine on top of a bookshelf that contains my yoga books and props.


If you feel like you’d like to add anything but aren’t sure what, take a look around the next time you’re in a yoga studio and see if they have any decorations or art that you are drawn to, and use this for inspiration. I found a lovely statue of Lakshmi in a studio near me, and that inspired me to go out and find one for my own altar.

Once your altar is set up, spend a few moments sitting by it. Use the time to meditate or set an intention, and see if it feels more powerful now that you have your own dedicated space for it. You can change up the objects as frequently or infrequently as you desire, and remember to set an intention for your space and personal practice each time you do!